We invest in

Technologies that challenge the incumbent state

Bold visionaries with the drive and passion to create history

Founders that realize the superpowers that diversity brings

About us

We are a VC for the bold Nordic techies

Our focus

Early stage

We invest early – from seed to post series A – and stick around as a long-term partner


The Nordics is our backyard, and we know it well


We are interested in people with massive passion who take risks to build companies that transform markets - no matter who you are!

How we help

Throughout the years, we have learned a lot about what makes a tech company succeed.

Zenith Advantage

Extensive Network

We have a network of superheroes ready to help you take your company to the next level

Your local sparring partner

Building a company is like a roller coaster, it’s not always going up – we get that. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. We listen and stick around as a long-term partner

Help with the important stuff

Running a startup is not only crafting sexy strategy plans, mingle at fancy industry events and sell your vision. We help ensuring all the other (and very important) parts are setup correctly fit for rapid growth

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Venture Capital is often viewed as the leading edge, and as such it matters who is part of the industry

Diversity Matters

The tech scene is not diverse. Data shows diversity benefits all – owners, company builders, employees. We strive within our sphere of influence to contribute to a diverse tech ecosystem

UN SDGs Matters

We fight for growth, but more importantly, we fight for sustainable growth. We require all our companies to address at least one UN SDG and track improvement through our holding period

Transparency Matters

We are a proud signatory of PRI where we disclose how we actively work for a sustainable future.

Our team

We are tech enthusiasts backed by experienced company builders. Our team is dedicated to finding and partnering with great founders. We are interested in people with massive passion who take risks to build companies that transform markets.

Portrait of Tommy

Tommy Jacobson

Founding Partner


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Our Founding Partner. Serial entrepreneur with 20 years+ of experience investing in Nordic tech companies.

Portrait of Erik

Erik Lindblad

Partner & CEO


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Entrepreneur gone venture capital investor with knowledge of building companies.

Portrait of Caroline

Caroline Cronstedt

Co-founder & Head of Investments


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Former investment banker who got tired of advising others what deals to do and became an active investor.

Portrait of Elin

Elin Torstensson

Investment Manager


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Our global expansion expert with several years of experience scaling tech companies internationally.

Portrait of Gustav

Gustav Säfwenberg

Investor Relations Manager


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Our fundraiser who builds new relationships and keeps our current investors happy and up to speed on what’s going on in our businesses.

Portrait of Erik

Erik Holmberg



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Head of numbers and ensures all our books are in order

Portrait of Anna Norelius

Anna Norelius

Insight Analyst


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Our insight maker that ensures we stay updated on trends and what areas to dig deeper into

Portrait of Lars

Lars Thorén



Lars is the Chairman of Zenith Group. He is responsible for all special tasks that requires a great amount of ingenuity and patience.

Portrait of Nicole

Nicole Hyltefors

Executive Assistant


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Tommy and the broader team’s factotum helping us staying on the right track

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