* Just like all other venture capitalists in the world, but we invest in the Nordics.

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We believe that actions speak louder than words, so we'll leave the stage to our portfolio companies - they range from AML software to music platforms to cyber security solutions. We don't discriminate based on industry, but we do look for one common thread: software with the potential to disrupt and transform.

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David Orlic, Co-founder & CEO
David Orlic, Co-founder & CEO

Do you have 5 minutes? Turns out everyone does. There just wasn't a way to access it. Until now.

David Forsberg, CEO & Founder
David Forsberg, CEO & Founder

Give your customers an easier way to understand their electricity consumption, district heating, solar production or their smart home. With Bright's unique turnkey platform, we create the conditions for you to become the digital energy company that end users expect in the future.

The full Freshsound team
The full Freshsound team

Freshsound is a self-serve music licensing platform connecting professional storytellers with commercially released music. License music instantly for any production - commercials, branded content, film, series, games, and more.

Co-founders Nils Mattisson, Marcus Ljungblad, Martin Lööf & Fredrik Ahlberg
Co-founders Nils Mattisson, Marcus Ljungblad, Martin Lööf & Fredrik Ahlberg

Monitor noise and occupancy, secure your home and enhance guest experience.

Sameh El-Ansary, Co-founder and CTO, Peter Beckman, Co-founder and CEO
Sameh El-Ansary, Co-founder and CTO, Peter Beckman, Co-founder and CEO

Sell first. Pay suppliers later.

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distruptive allies


Diversity isn't just a checkbox - it's a strength. That’s why we actively seek out founders who prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Our investments are more than just checks. We commit to becoming your disruptive allies, never more than a call away when you are fed up, need a problem-solver, or have something amazing to share.

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We have high expectations, on both ourselves and on you. But don't worry, we don’t believe in micro management.

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Explore our engaging community, bridging the gap between innovative minds and valuable opportunities.

the zenith family

Our team is a multifaceted and passionate group of problem-solvers who know the ups and downs of early-stage growth. We're curious about the unconventional and we're not afraid to dive into the nitty-gritty of the software industry.

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our investment approach

Gut feeling is great, but we take cognitive bias seriously and in the highly competitive software industry, cookie-cutter strategies are (literally) risky business. That’s why we have developed a systematic approach for seeking out promising leads that others might overlook.